Nokia 603 Factory Unlocked GSM Symbian OS 3G Touchscreen Smartphone – Black

This Brand New Nokia 603 comes in Original box with all Original accessories in the box. This Brand New phone comes Factory Unlocked from Nokia.

$ 39.99


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    Nokia 603 – a World-Class Smartphone, August 21, 2012
    D. Chien

    Been using my Nokia 603 for over half a year thus far. Would not give it up for any other phone on the market for the balance of security vs. features it offers!

    Lots of solid features in this phone at this price range. Exceeds what you can get vs. any other phone out there when balancing out features vs. security vs price.

    Screen is amazingly bright! In a direct comparison with the iPhone 4S, with both the 4S and 603 turned to maximum brightness, the 603 easily matches the 4S and is perhaps a touch brighter. Certainly, the 701 has an even brighter 1000 nit rated display, but these phones are already bright-enough to see clearly in direct sunlight.

    Here, the messaging covers all available types – SMS, MMS, voice messaging, email – as well as the ability to download attachments and include attachments of any type. Built-in QuickOffice allows you to read Office documents and PDFs, while an inexpensive upgrade allows for full editing. Opening PDFs of 300+ pages pose no problem at all, and scrolling through such ebooks is quick and easy due to the fast CPU. Later, in an upcoming release of Belle this year, Microsoft Web Apps will be fully integrated as well – quite exciting! The built-in text-to-speech allows you to have the phone read texts to you if you so choose. And ZIP program lets you open up *.zip attachments.

    Email allows for IMAP, POP and connectivity to common webmail services such as Yahoo! Mail. Naturally, it’s a one-stop service that allows you to easily integrate multiple accounts into one handy mailbox to check on-the-go. Threading and non-threaded views are available depending your preference, too.

    The built-in web browser handles most websites without a problem and the built-in Flash Player allows you to visit many streaming video sites that you cannot with other phones that lack such. The popular YouTube videos open up in the built-in video player full-screen, and Flash web advertisements can be seen across various sites.

    Of note, the free YouTube Downloader app instantly lets you surf across YouTube and download any video in 360, 720, or 1080 formats to your memory card! When used over a WiFi connection, you can load your phone with videos to watch on-the-go and avoid expensive 3G data charges. An extremely convenient app that is a must-have for any heavy video nut!

    Additionally, the free Nokia Internet Radio app allows you to play all of the streaming Shoutcast and other standard online radio feeds all day long. Quite nice when you’ve run out of FM radio options.

    The Nokia 603 uses a hyperfocal lens, meaning it is set so that everything from about 50cm to infinity is in sharp focus.

    The single disadvantage is that when framing something smaller than a standard piece of paper, the images will be fuzzy. Thus, when you attempt to take photos of small objects, you must keep your distance and crop later.

    The big advantage is that you do not ever wait for the camera to focus ala slow iPhones! Since everything is always sharply focused from 50cm out, you can take photos as quickly as the phone allows, and move about when taking videos while not worrying about unfocused subjects. This is a very nice feature for most users and takes that problem of fuzzy focus away from blessed 603 users.

    The white balance is generally very good – sunlit koi in ponds to snaps of buildings and people come out as expected – contrast, sharp, richly colored, vibrant. Slight shifts indoors and at night, but still quite accurate and realistic. Both video and photos are sharp enough to replace an iPhone 3Gs with (which also has a 5MP camera), so no worries here.

    Videos are recorded at 720p at ~12,000kbits/second H.264/AVC, which is more than sufficient for nice-looking video recordings. Zooming is allowed during videography by pressing the volume buttons or on-screen controls. The zoom moves smoothly through the fine steps, so you can easily frame without much worry.

    The usual slew of mapping features are included. Search, 3D mode, terrain and satellite, night view, walking and driving naviagation with a slew of voice languages to pick from for voice navigation prompts.

    GPS, A-GPS, WiFi, cell tower, etc. methods are are available for triangulating your position, and each can be turned off to save money or power. Signal lock with cellular assist takes only a dozen seconds at most.

    Maps for almost all major travel destination countries in the world are Free and can be downloaded using your computer or the phone to memory for offline use forever. Naturally, a 16GB+ MicroSD card is recommended due to the large map size if you choose to download multiple locations. Quite nice since you do not have to pay any money for data usage once maps are downloaded at one go.

    In the end, an excellent upgrade from a 5230/5800/etc. S60 5th, and one of the nicest…

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  2. Nicole k Ramirez says:
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    3.0 out of 5 stars
    so it was fine for me, April 27, 2015

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    I bought the phone just to use on vacation to the States, so it was fine for me. My first time using a smart phone. The biggest problem was the battery died every night..not even 24 hours between charges. Insane. I don’t have the patience for that.


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  3. Jefferson B. says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Good cheap, no data plan required phone., November 29, 2013
    Jefferson B. (The Dirty South) –

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    This review is from: Nokia 603 Factory Unlocked GSM Symbian OS 3G Touchscreen Smartphone – Black (Electronics)
    One of the best feature phones you can get without having to get a data plan. The screen is sharp and contrast is great. The main issue is the lack of an LED flash and it is easy to turn it off by mistake when it is locked. It doesn’t ask you to confirm if you want to shut down. Also the on screen keyboard is a little smaller than I would have liked. Connect it to your WiFi to pull down updates without having to use your cellular data as there are updates available for the phone..

    Worked with AT&T US without having to configure anything. Uses a micro sim so you’ll need to cut it yourself or get a cutter if you are currently using a standard size sim.

    Overall, a nice phone that you don’t have to have a data plan for.


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