BLU Studio C 5+5 Smartphone with Lollipop OS- US GSM Unlocked – Blue

Meet the Studio C 5+5 a new member of the color series with a focus on you. Your movies and pictures will look amazing on a beautiful 5.0” screen with BLU Infinite View Technology (IPS). Enjoy top-notch pictures from your main 5 Megapixel autofocus camera or your front 5 Megapixel autofocus camera with BLU final touch software. Your Studio C 5+5 is always ready to put in a hard day’s work for you with 1GB of Ram and Mediatek 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor. With Android 5.0 Lollipop your smartphone experience will be like none other.

$ 82.00


  1. Suzanne Amara says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Simplicity, Quality, Freedom, Android!, August 12, 2015
    Suzanne Amara (MA) –
    (TOP 1000 REVIEWER)

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
    The word “cheap” shouldn’t always have a negative connotation, because the BLU 5+5 is in fact cheap, but it is a great phone. BLU, the manufacturer of this phone, is an abbreviation for “Bold Like Us”, which I suppose is their company motto. It certainly is BOLD offering a good quality 5 inch screen phone pre-equipped with a junk-free install of Android 5.0 (thus the 5+5 in the product name).

    It’s simple to use, as it doesn’t come loaded with junk like a lot of smartphones. It has two buttons only, volume and power—that’s all you need! The rest is all on-screen. Calling, texting and apps are all easy to use.

    This size is great. It’s 5 inches, which to me is better than a 6 inch iPhone.

    For an inexpensive phone, it has good quality! It came with decent headphones with a mic, a stylish charger and a really nice phone case.

    As an unlocked phone, you have the freedom to choose the best plan that suits you without a contract. I got a plan with unlimited talk and text, and 2gb of 4G data (slowed after that) for $40 a month, cancel any time. A much better deal than I could get with a locked phone! I had a minor SIM card issue at first, but that was solved quickly and easily.

    Android 5 is really nice. Some features I really particularly enjoy: Multiple ways to unlock your phone: pattern, Face, password, pin, voice. There is also smart lock, so that if you are in your house, your phone automatically realizes that and you don’t have to unlock it. Android also gives you the power to add extra storage to your phone via Micro SD (up to 64gb), as well as direct access to the file system for tech people.

    Google also backs up your phone for you to the cloud so you don’t have to worry about losing your phone. If you use Gmail and other Google products such as Google Drive, there is seamless integration and it is remarkably easy to use.

    Some other details—

    -Good speakers, surprisingly, and fast wifi, good headphone jack, FM radio support.
    -2 sim card slots for people who live 2 lives
    -4G data works well for me in the Boston area, quick loading without trouble. Phone also comes loaded with the Opera browser with Turbo mode for quicker webpage loading with less data usage.
    -BLU team is supportive if you have issues setting up your phone
    -Battery drains at a normal rate providing for a full day of usage as long as you don’t go overboard
    -Cameras aren’t bad. Definitely the best you could get for a budget phone

    Overall, a great phone, a lot more than you’d expect for this price! Kudos to BLU Studio!


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  2. By Mark Braun says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    BLU Studio C 5+5 Android blows away Apple. Here’s an iPhone owner tellin’ you the truth…, August 14, 2015
    By Mark Braun (Norridge, IL) –

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
    Amazingly easy to set up from an iPhone user (!), this is a SWEETHEART of an Android. I’d never heard of BLU before; well, now you have, too. BLU makes great phones that run Android OS, in this case, version 5.0 lollipop. “That’s the latest one,” my older daughter said.

    I own a Kindle, so here are two big, big advantages of the BLU:

    1: It WILL take the smaller iPhone Sim card!
    2: Contact import was easy: Go to iCloud, download contacts and/or whatever and drag over to the BLU. Then, select what you want in and it’s in.
    3: Drag and drop MP3s: Yup, like the Kindle’s easy Android app on my Macs, drag in YOUR music or audio books and play.
    4: BIG screen delivers very sharp images!
    5: % megapixel camera. NOTE: I shot my first selfie at the office with the “OOH! AHH! android army and it looked lousy. There’s a small plastic covering to the lens; once removed, ya don’t look like a foggy photo by a foggy-brained user.
    6: Apps galore… and a lot of space to store ’em!
    7: 1.3 ghz quad-core processor
    8: Auto connects at 2-4G.
    9: If this ever came with my iPhone, I never knew it: Earbuds with speaker are superb.
    10: Runs pretty cool.
    11: Screen protection’s included (put it on by yourself, but we paid $40 at AT&T for one of our iPhones for this).
    12: Kindle and Amazon features! That extra screen size works wonders for my subs like the Chicago Tribune and magazines! Yes, even comic books!
    13: Price: At a FRACTION of Apple’s price, this is a cheaper but much more loaded phone. If it got ripped off, well, I’ve yet to find a “track my cell” app but I’m new to this Android thing.

    Battery life is pretty much equal to my iPhone, although this has a plastic backing. You’ll need a good bumprer-style cover. no wait, it’s INCLUDED. The charger is a standard mini plug (not Apple’s newer mini plug). I decided to test-drive this thing, a big change for an Apple user. I can print from this phone, can you?

    BUT… an irritant is trying to stay connected to my home wifi, which is a longstanding BLU issue; mine says it can’t connect to a weak signal. HUH? Never happened before and may be an issue if it keeps up. TEST YOURS!


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  3. Mister Charlie says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great phone for a smart phone novice!, August 24, 2015
    Mister Charlie (Los Angeles, CA) –

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)

    I am a TOTAL Luddite when it comes to smart phones. I have had a basic phone with no data plan since the beginning of time. It just so happened that my family was getting ready to switch to a new plan when the BLU phone fell into my lap.

    If you already know your way around the world of smart phones, my review isn’t going to help you much! But, in hunting around for what people are saying about this Blu phone, I have come across a few phrases…. Such as…

    “compass sensor” / “it just supports 2 touch points on touch screen” / Studio LTE series all use Qualcomm SoC’s / This definitely isn’t meant to be a long term device for an adult / a $99 Lollipop phone is interesting / Studio C has the quad-core MediaTek MT6582 / memory leak garbage is easily the most frustrating thing about Lollipop

    Holy cow, I have no idea what any of that means, really. One thing I know is that I have spent many, many hours doing valuable things like playing with my kids, playing music, and gawd knows what else, when other people have been obsessing about every detail about smart phones… or standing in line to buy new smart phones when they’re released… it’s really hard for me to believe, but it’s the way the world is now.

    Now, my old basic phone could store an address book, make calls and texts, take a picture, I could make notes to myself, use the calculator, check out the calendar, and a few other odds and ends. Already far more than a phone could do 15 years ago. What I would hope from this phone is that, in addition to what I just mentioned, I can also easily do things like check email, get gps directions, check prices at Amazon, and look stuff up on Google.

    Is it really going to matter than I don’t have a $500 phone? I really doubt it. I suspect that the further you go down the rabbit hole of smart phone dependency, the more uptight you get about the details about how it delivers your many, first-world needs to you.

    Now, here are a few details about what this phone comes with: It comes in a nice, colorful box and includes a semi-clear case, a screen protector, a charger (usb-removable for both wall charging and laptop/desktop charging and use), and a earbud/mic headset. There’s some documentation, including a quick start guide, but the Blu “manual” is on the phone itself.

    After a couple of weeks with the phone, I’m still in a “wow, I have an amazing computer in my pocket” phase of smart phone ownership. My biggest problem has been the phone not getting texts with attachments, and not getting group texts. This has taken quite a bit of time with customer service (Blu was fairly responsive, as was my new wireless carrier), downloading Android updates, and, in the end, installing a different app (“Textra”) than the pre-installed “Messenger” texting app. Finally, it works.

    Then there’s the touch-screen sensitivity factor. My last phone had a physical keyboard where I could poke away at the letters to my heart’s content….. these touch screens make you painfully aware of the shape of your fingers, as the phone tells you you’ve pressed the key above, or below, or to the side of, the one you were trying to press. Sometimes you press too hard and hit two keys, sometimes you don’t press hard enough and get nothing. I have an app I like that involves sliding one’s finger across the screen to connect letters and make words, and this has shown me that the touchscreen on this phone has some issues and doesn’t always work or respond right. This generally isn’t an issue with regular texting or typing, though, so I’m not sure what to say, other than I need to keep an eye on it.

    The only other issue is somehow I’ve managed to pocket dial (or pocket type) a number of times, which means I must have unintentionally both pushed the button on the side and slid up the screen somehow. If this keeps up I’ll have to look into other locking techniques.

    Most everything else seems to work how I’d expect it to work…. But it’s a little like staying over at a friend’s house, though, and looking for the tape, or a pair of scissors… “now, where do they keep that thing? No, not in this drawer… oh, here is is, I would have never thought to look here….” So much about switching to a smart phone is about getting used to where things are and how they work.

    The Blu charger that comes with the phone charges it very quickly… which is why when you use another charger it will immediately tell you “Charging slowly… use Blu charger”. It’s true, it takes a couple of hours to charge w/ another charger and much less on the Blu charger. So far, the battery, fully…

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