BLU Life One 4G LTE Smartphone – GSM Unlocked – 8GB – White

Life One, stylish and powerful focused on design, functionality and performance. With a 5.0 ” HD 720p display powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 64-Bit 1.2 GHz Quad-Core processor and Adreno 306 GPU. 13MP Sony IMX135 Sensor main camera with 5MP Front camera for unmatched selfies.

$ 149.00


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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Almost Too Good To Be True, But It Is, June 24, 2015
    Mark E. (USA) –

    Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    Let me start by saying that I paid actual money for this device unlike some of the reviewers who got theirs for free. So I have nothing to lose by giving a true review of this phone.

    I’ve owned a lot of phones over the years, but I’ve got to say this one was the best deal on a great phones since “Cellular” companies gave you phones for free. I bought this for my 17 year old, quite frankly because I wouldn’t feel that bad if he lost, broke, or bricked a $149 phone. When the price dropped to $99, it became an even better deal.

    I’ve kept an eye on BLU phones for a while now, and while they seemed OK, it was clear that almost every one of their models gives something up in the interest of keeping the price low or focusing on a different shiny new object. Either you had to settle for a bad screen, no 4G, certainly no LTE in most cases, or something that was actually important. The Life One really doesn’t seem to do that and has the kind of specs that a flagship phone would have had just a couple of years ago. In short, this is an amazing piece of technology at an unbelievable price.

    We have a Family Share plan on AT&T, and all we had to do was slip in the SIM card and the SD card (you’d be foolish not to put an SD card into this phone) and we were off to the races. Turned t on and setup was a breeze, since my son had come from a feature phone, I had to make a call to AT&T to provision the phone for 4G LTE, but that took only about 10 minutes. I don’t think you’d have to do that if your SIM card already was tied to a smartphone. The phone found WiFi, latched on to a strong 4G LTE signal, and showed a strong signal for calling, even stronger than my two year old LG Optimus G Pro. Contacts transferred over and he was able to easily download the apps he wanted from the Google Play store.

    The phone itself is magnificent for a $149 unit. The screen is huge, bright, sharp enough for most uses, 720 is a perfectly fine resolution for looking at highly compressed YouTube videos and other streamed content. Performance seemed pretty snappy, especially for only 1 gig of RAM. Apps opened quickly, switched with little lag, and performed well. Call quality is excellent. The BLU skin over KitKat is nothing to write home about, but we fixed that by installing the Google Launcher. Controls are pretty well placed, speaker seems to be loud enough, and with an equalizer app that I swear by, music sounded great on the phone’s earbuds as well as better ones from JLab. Build quality seemed solid, the back has kind of a sandstone grain to it so it doesn’t slip out of your hand easily, and the phone comes with a screen protector and very basic TPU case that will hopefully protect it in case of a drop.

    So where are the bad things? There are a few, and some sacrifices you have to make for this much phone at such a low price point. Battery is not removable, but seems to last more than a day with phone, gaming, and video usage. The phone is advertised as dual SIM, and technically it is, but you have to choose between the SD card and second SIM, and with a fairly small amount of on-board storage, that SD can be pretty important, especially since you can move most apps to the card. The phone is shipped running Android 4.4.4 with an update to Lollipop promised for July, but knowing how some versions of 5.0 gobble battery power, I might just keep it on KitKat because the phone is just fine with it. But I know some want the latest and greatest, so many will upgrade the OS at the first chance.

    Let’s be honest, we’re talking about an LTE capable smartphone with a list price of $149. BLU has put out very few LTE products, and while 4G can get the job done, being able to use the extra benefits of LTE (the phone sees all the AT&T bands BTW) is a great thing. You get a great looking 5 inch screen, a phone that feels more solid than much of the garbage Samsung puts out, perfectly acceptable performance, even if you don’t take the price into consideration, and if, heaven forbid, something bad happens to the phone, you’re only out $149 instead of the $900 I’ll probably shell out for the iPhone 6S+.

    I wish I would have bought two or three of this phone when it was available, it’s better than my LG and I wouldn’t mind having a spare smartphone around, which I can afford to do at this price point.


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  2. Amazon Customer says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Great value, nice camera, but storage is limited, June 22, 2015
    Amazon Customer

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)
    BLU has produced a good low cost entry level 4G LTE phone. There were some sacrifices made by BLU in order to achieve the price, which means this phone is not for everyone.

    In my opinion this phone is perfect for anyone who does not want to be stuck in and contract and does not plan to install many apps or play more graphic intensive games. The phone is good for using the Internet, taking pictures as long as you are using a microsd card, making phone calls, and a lighter usage of apps.

    I rated this phone 4 stars. The rating based on the criteria I have listed.

    I have tested this phone on both at&t and T-Mobile networks. I am including screenshots in my review. Feel free to ask questions in the comments field and I will try to answer them.

    – Device Storage: This is my biggest CON. The cost difference between 8GB and 16GB NAND Flash is minimal. The company should have gone with 16GB even if they decided to slightly increase the cost of the phone. Considering the Android OS takes up a good portion of the storage, which will be worse with Lollipop once BLU pushes out the upgrade later this year. . available storage showed 4.66GBYes you can add a Microsd card but many apps cannot be move to the MicroSD card.
    – RAM: 1GB of RAM limits the amount of multitasking you can perform without suffering from stuttering. No issues watching Netflix
    – Shipping with KitKat rather than Lollipop does not make much sense with a new phone.
    – Missing BAND 5 (at&t) and BAND 12 (T-Mobile) LTE Bands. This could impact some people.
    – Single Band WiFi. 2.4Ghz only.

    – Not much bloatware like you see with the major manufacturers. Mostly Google apps and only a few BLU apps
    – Easy to navigate and use interface.
    – Nice display, sure it is not 1080 or Quad HD but the battery will last longer and allows for the lower price point
    – Multi Sim: You can have to 2 SIM cards in the phone but you cannot use a microsd card if you use both SIM ports
    – Price: Even with the low device storage, you still get a more than capable 4G LTE phone
    – Camera: The photos look great with the camera. Lower light photos do suffer from noise.
    – Battery: While not removable this battery performs well enough to last the day with moderate usage. Overnight with phone idle, it lost about 7% of battery after about 8 hours.

    Other options: At this price point you could look for older models from the big manufacturers like the S4 or G2. You could also consider spending a little more a get the Alcatel Idol 3, which gives you more storage and RAM. It also has all the LTE bands in the US. There is also the ASUS Zenfone 2 or phone from Huawei. I have not had any experience with the idol 3. Zenfone 2, or any Hauwei. There many other options out there but not many new phones with 4G LTE phone around $150. There is not really any competition for a LTE smartphone at the $100 introductory price.

    As I mentioned above, I have tested this phone on T-Mobile and at&t networks in SoCal. T-Mobile’s 4G LTE was much faster than at&t’s Network. I tried both the phone and pta at&t APN settings. I also added hipri to the at&t APN with little change. Results will vary depending on where you live and the bands you connect to. I did receive the 4G LTE logo on the phone from both networks.
    Overall the phone is good and will work for many people but if you are app lover and or gamer you should look elsewhere because you really need a phone with more storage and RAM. I will continue to update the review as I get more use with the phone.


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  3. Tante Maren says:
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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    High Speed Internet, High Quality Photos, Unlocked & Affordable To All, June 17, 2015
    Tante Maren (Ohio, United States) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    Vine Customer Review of Free Product (What’s this?)

    For anyone who thought they can’t afford a smartphone that has high quality features or get one at a super low price, BLU (Bold Like Us- the Florida based company who wants to make smartphones available to everyone) has made it entirely possible with this fantastic solid smartphone, their new Life One 4G LTE. Opening the box, you will find the Life One smartphone, screen protector, comfortable, easy gripping rubbery case cover, ear phones, micro USB charging cable and plug, SIM Card installation guide and Life One Quick Guide. In other words, BLU gives you everything you need for your smartphone in the box. The only thing you will need is your SIM card and this phone being unlocked- the sky’s the limit on what type of card you want and what price you want to pay. With it’s GSM Quad Band, you get compatibility nationwide on all GSM networks including the large companies like AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, Net 10 to the smaller companies, of which there are about 70 in the US. You don’t have to be on an expensive yearly plan, as with unlocked, you can get a Buy Your Own Plan from companies like Straight Talk. Of course, being unlocked and 4G, it’s compatible worldwide in many countries as well.

    For anyone who doesn’t know, the older 2G wireless phones and other 2G wireless devices (vehicles, alarms, vending machines etc.) will be extinct in 2017, when GSM companies strictly go to higher speeds of 3G and 4G wireless networks. This makes it an even more perfect time for those that need to upgrade to this great buy on a 4G LTE phone. Now, for the features:

    The 5 1/2″ x 2 3/4″ x 1/4″ beautifully designed and sleek phone is very sturdy with it’s great grip rubbery case back cover. The cover goes over the phone’s sandstone textured body- which has a very nice sandy-stone, non slippery feel. The 5 inch glass display screen is made of triple strength Corning Gorilla Glass 3- very strong and scratch resistant. Nice thin metal strip trim on the sides, with the metal On/Off, Power/Sleep button and metal Volume on the right side. The powerful 2420 mAh Battery inside the back cover is non removable. On top is a 3.5mm headphone jack and on the bottom is a micro USB port. On the back is a 13 MP Sony camera lens for it’s IMX 135 Sensor camera, LED Flash and speaker grille. The back is removable to give you access to the micro SIM card slot and micro SD card slot. The front has a 5 MP camera lens and LED notification light.

    THE PROCESSOR is a 1.2GHz Snapdragon 410 Quad-core, 64 Bit architecture with Andreno 306 GPU. The Adreno 306 graphics processing unit gives movies, games, animations and apps really strong colors and vivid sharp graphics. With it’s 64 bit architecture, movement is fast. The Snapdragon 410 Quad-core opens and closes applications very fast. I found no stuttering or lagging going through different web sites, game playing, texting or flipping through my pages or many, many photos at top speed. However, if you have really demanding applications/games or doing heavy multi tasking, the 1.2GHz will give you some lagging. I have no issues, as I don’t do complicated applications on my phone- those types of things are always done on my computer.

    RAM is 1 GB, which is very sufficient in keeping a few apps running at the same time. There is also an extra 8 GB of on board storage, which can be further expanded by using a microSD card up to 64 GB. What is most important to know about this 8 GB of on board storage, is that most of it has already been used up on the Android software (about 3-4 GB) and the pre-installed apps (about 1-2 GB), leaving you with about 2-4 GB of space for your media, photos and videos. Installing a 64 GB microSD card is exremely important, so you have plenty of room for your own use. This is standard for ALL phones- having the on-board storage used for software and apps, among other things- leaving you with very little GB space. What is really great about the microSD card slot, besides having it for adding up to 64 GB of needed memory for yourself, is that you can also use it for a nanoSIM card slot for dual SIM capabilities (main SIM is micro, second SIM is nano). You have a great option with this microSD card slot- up to 64 GB of more memory or dual SIM capabilities.

    THE SOFTWARE is Android 4.4 Kitkat. The noticeable difference are the now square-type shaped icons used for your on screen navigation, which I really like. There is also no app drawer, so your apps will now be displayed on the home screens. A major note is that at the end of summer, you will be able to upgrade to 5.0 Lollipop instead of the standard Kitkat- which is really nice to have that choice for your software. Should you choose to upgrade to 5.0 Lollipop, there are 4 important things you need to do. First, make certain your battery is FULLY charged. If it’s not, the upgrade process can wreak havoc on your phone if…

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