AirsspuTM Bluetooth Smart Watch with Camera Cell Phone Touch Screen Wristwatch Phone Mate for Android Samsung HTC Sony Lg and Iphone 6plus Smartphone (Charcoal Gray)

Airsspu GT08

Leaving Your Phone In Your Pocket Has Never Been Classier

The Airsspu GT08 smartwatch is integrated with the state-of-art technology. It connects to your CellPhone device via Bluetooth so you get notified simultaneously. One provides customized notifications and downloadable apps to keep you staying connected, making life a lot easier. It is so special to have a personalized watch that changes the themes whenever you want. Along with NFC, standalone phone function, extendable memory, high definition 2.5D radian capacitive touch screen, user-friendly operation and long-lasting battery, you deserve more than just a ordinary smartwatch.

Innovative Engineering with comfort

Every part of GT08 is seamlessly bond together making a perfect piece of art. The 2.5D radian glass is embraced within the aluminium alloy base and the shining arc edge brings out the beauty of screen.Not like other smartwatches, the NFC function makes connecting phone via Bluetooth just by taping them together. No more complicated pairing process. GT08 can be used as a standalone phone with a micro SIM card, meaning you actually can do everything on your wrist. The adjustable wristband with soft material give you a comfortable wearing experience.

Personalized application A personalized application can be downloaded and installed on your phone to customize which information you want be notified. The two-way anti-lost function always helps to keep both of your devices in range.

This watch can also work with iOS as a Bluetooth device(Means you can receive a call or make a call also sync your contacts to this watch via bluetooth).But Some functions like Notification Push,Remote capture,Anti-lost are currently unavailable on iOS

$ 39.00


  1. 23 of 24 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    There are a lot of great aspects to this watch and a few minor issues. For the price it’s great though., September 24, 2015
    Aundrea (Washington) –
    (TOP 500 REVIEWER)

    I’ve been pretty fascinated with smart watches, but never realized there was some out there in this price range. Playing around with this for over a week has been really fun.

    Overall impressions: This is fairly basic and a little rough around the edges, but it’s a smart watch in the $50 price range, so my expectations are lower than they would be for a $300-$400 watch. There are some features on this watch that don’t work, such as radio and internet. But, overall most of it works pretty well and is quite impressive. The screen is large and beautiful and definitely catches the eye. Here’s a brief summary of the features being used with a Samsung Note 5 device:

    Screen 1:
    -Bluetooth-Pairs with your phone, very easy to do.
    -Calculator-Unless you have tiny fingers or a stylus, it’s pretty difficult to use. It works though.
    -Bluetooth connector: Reconnect with your device or switch devices
    -QR code scanner to download the app
    -Phonebook-This accesses the phonebook in my phone. No need to add any contacts
    -Call log
    -Phone dialer
    -Calendar-Difficult to use. It doesn’t sync with my Google calendar. The numbers are tiny. Useless in my opinion.
    Screen 2:
    -Music: Plays what’s playing on my phone. I can play/pause, volume +/-, skip and go back songs. I can’t see my playlist or search for songs. When my phone is connected to the watch and I play a song on my phone, it comes through the watch. Sound is pretty impressive for how small and inexpensive the watch is.
    -Video player-I haven’t used this so I can’t speak to it.
    -Sound controller
    -Video recorder-Quality is about what you’d expect. Nothing to get excited about.
    -Picture gallery
    -Camera-See my picture of the Mac and cheese box to see camera quality
    -Audio recorder-I haven’t used this either
    Screen 3:
    -Notifications-I think that’s what this purple icon is. It just pulls up various email, Facebook, Instagram and messaging notifications.
    -Sedentary reminder-I feel like I don’t stop moving all day, so I haven’t set this up. It could be useful. It gives you a time interval and then options for vibrate and ring or either one.
    -There are a few icons here that don’t work. One says “launch camera fail” when I open it. Another is a file manager that doesn’t seem to do much.
    -QR code for a fitness app. This is actually pretty cool. I was hoping to get this watch to replace my FitBit I lost. This “FunDo” app is pretty rough around the edges, but it does track activity, allow you to connect with other people close to you who have the same app, gives you a sports rank compared to others and some other stuff. I’m having problems getting it to sync with my watch though, so I’ll update this when I get it working. It could just be that I haven’t put much time into figuring it out. I still prefer the FitBit app and tracking to this, but this is here and it’s free. I’m posting a few screenshots of the app.
    -Theme-Chose from 3 themes: Black, blue and space background.
    -Activity tracker-This seems to be more accurate then I assumed it would be. I ran on the treadmill and counted 100 steps, this one logged 102. Not bad! I’ve done a few trials where I count steps and it’s about 90% accurate I would say as a rough estimate.
    -Phone finder-This is AMAZING. I lose my phone often. Not lose, but misplace it in my house. I’ve used this finder quite a few times already and LOVE it. It makes my phone ring until it’s found. I can also do the reverse. I can open the BTNotification app and search for my watch, it plays a nice melody until it’s found. I am in love with this feature.
    Screen 4:
    -Messaging- See your text inbox, outbox, drafts and compose new texts. I have sent messages from the watch and it works, but the letters are so tiny you pretty much need a touch screen stylus to get the little letters.
    -World clock
    -Stopwatch-I’ve used this a bit to time my daughters nightly reading.
    -Alarm-It works and is pretty easy to set up.
    -Sleep tracker-It works minimally. I wore it and in the morning it said something like “general”. What does that mean?
    -Radio-Can’t figure out how to get it to work.
    -Internet-It says “Currently not available”. Which is fine. I think with the size it would be incredibly difficult to use.

    Positives: Most of it functions pretty well. I love when my text messages pop up on the screen. When I’m working I can easily see my texts without checking my phone. I like the activity aspect of it, but it could use some refining and I’m hoping I can get it to sync. The price is affordable for almost everyone. It looks really cool, I got a lot of…

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  2. 26 of 29 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Good entry level smart watch with few caveats, September 9, 2015
    Raks (Ohio) –

    Smart watches are the latest fad amongst the younger and middle aged generation alike. Every name brand company like Samsung, Apple, Motorola, LG are coming up with their own version of smart watches. But if you want to foray into this territory, you can test the waters using a cheaper version of the smart watch which in many scenarios do the same stuff like the bigger boys.

    This Airsspu Bluetooth enabled smartwatch is my foray into the smart watch world. Explore with me what this nifty little gadget has to offer and what is good and where it needs to improve. I want to first mention that I own an iPhone 4S and iPhone 6 Plus so for me, this watch offers lesser things compared to someone with an android device. The companion app is only available for android phones.


    The smart watch is packaged inside a small square golden colored box. In is wrapped in plastic and already had a screen guard applied to it. You just need to remove the plastic film over the screen protector. Additionally you get a MicroUSB cable meant for charging the watch, use manual and an additional screen protector.

    Look and Feel

    Out of the box, the smart watch feels really good. It looks very similar to the apple watch actually in terms of design. On the right hand side you have a rotor which is actually just the power on / off button and to display the time when you press it once.
    On the left side you have the MicroUSB port which has a cover on it and the speaker holes. Also Mic is situation here.
    The front face of the watch is a rectangle sort of with the camera lens on the top.
    The watch belt is made of plastic and it has holes like usual watches and 2 pins which go into the holes to keep the watch secure on your wrist.
    I feel the holes are a tad bit tight for the pins as pushing them with single hand (when you are wearing the watch) can be bit of a task.

    The back cover of the smartwatch can be removed and housed inside is the 350mAh battery, MicroSD Card slot and MicroSIM Card slot. Yes you install your own MicroSD card and even a network SIM card inside this smartwatch.

    Seeing the Time

    Isn’t this the basic function of the watch ? So to see the time you will need to press the round rotary button once. I found no setting to keep the time ON entire day so you could just glance at the watch to see the time. You will need to press the button always.

    Modes of Operation

    This watch supports 2 modes of operation
    –Bluetooth Mode
    –Network Mode

    In Bluetooth mode, you are supposed to pair the watch with your bluetooth enabled android device. I am specifically mentioning android because although the pairing using iPhone does work, the functionality of the watch is not fully available when using with iPhone. With android, you have couple of apps like BT Notifier that you need to download and you can leverage all the features of the smartwatch.
    With and iPhone, all I could do was place and receive call on the smartwatch through the connected iPhone. With android, I am sure lot more functions and stuff like notifications will be available.

    In Network mode, you will need to insert a MicroSIM by opening the back of the watch and removing the cover and battery. I tried with a nano SIM housed in a MicroSIM adapter and the watch wasn’t able to detect the presence of the SIM card but then I tried another proper MicroSIM and it worked absolutely fine. You can check the picture that the AT&T network has been detected. In this mode, the smartwatch functions as an independent mobile phone. You can connect a Bluetooth headset with the watch and use all the phone features like making a call from within the watch, sending and receiving SMS messages and so on. Obviously you will rarely see this particular feature in the name brand smartwatches.

    Other Features

    This smartwatch is packed with numerous useful and several useless features, some which don’t even work. The features span across 4 pages of icons with around 8 icons per page. Additionally you have a sort of home page with quick access to dialer and SMS as well has shortcuts to favorites and accessing the other menu Pages.
    The phone has an internal memory of 506 KB (exactly) but as mentioned above, you can add more memory using MicroSD card.

    Page 1 Features

    Bluetooth Icon – This is needed to turn on/off bluetooth on the smartwatch. You can even keep bluetooth on but visibility OFF so any other bluetooth devices cannot “see” your smartwatch.

    Calculator – Good old calculator

    Bluetooth Add/Delete – This icon is used to delete or add new bluetooth devices to be paired with…

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  3. Queen of Halloween says:
    16 of 17 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great value!, September 27, 2015

    Customer Video Review Length:: 2:48 Mins

    I was pleasantly surprised with this smart watch. Seeing the price I did not expect much and was hoping it would just do some of the very basic functions. I was amazed with how many functions and apps it could handle seamlessly once paired with our iPhone 6S+. You can even select one of two modes to make/receive calls and to send/receive text messages.

    1: Insert SIM card and use as a stand alone way to make/receive calls etc
    2: Connect to Bluetooth

    Some of the features do not work on iOS (push notification, remote capture and anti-loss). All other features work well on both Android and iOS devices.

    Battery life is decent. The watch turns off automatically to preserve battery life. To see what time it is, you will have to push the button on the side.

    Calculator, contacts, call records, dialer, music player, video player, video camera, audio recorder, photo viewer, pedometer, web browser, world clock, sleep quality monitor, alarm, stop watch, FM radio.

    All 4 of my sons loved this smart watch. We connected it with their various devices, and all of them synchronized well. On one of the devices (Galaxy) we kept losing Bluetooth connection. The other 3 devices were stable and smooth.

    For the price you can’t beat this smart watch. The face is nice and big and just the right size to access and view it’s many features.

    DISCLOSURE: I am thrilled I was given a free sample of this watch in exchange for my review. I do not get paid for my reviews, and all items may have to be returned to the vendor upon completion of my review. I give 4-5 stars to products that I truly love and would not hesitate recommending to others. Products that show a defect or that I find a bad value and/or a bad product get feedback sent directly to the vendor with suggestions on how to improve their product. I refuse to leave good feedback for products that I find inferior and/or unsafe.


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