Xiaomi Smartphone – Unboxing and giveaway

Xiaomi Smartphone - Unboxing and giveaway


  1. Chineseaction says:

    red rice phone

  2. Pick me, pick me, pick me! BTW doesn’t xiaomi actually mean small rice?

  3. barrelrolldog says:

    check the bbc news page. these phones are loaded with spy technology. been
    banned from some countrys already. 

  4. Darkhisagi says:

    Did I mı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ake you wipe your screen?

  5. Bog Sereda says:

    can someone explain to me why is it called “red rice” isn’t it “small
    rice”?xiao-small mi-rice

  6. serpentza says:
  7. tonydaletony says:

    Way nicer than my phone. Love the 2 simcard idea.

  8. Ken Wagner says:

    If Apple and Samsung had a baby, that’s what it would look like.

  9. Iroquois Pliskin says:

    Ohhh, new missus, Winston, eh? ;)

  10. Mark Hedley says:

    Hi Winston, drop me a line 🙂 can share a lot about Xiaomi

  11. gimpinmypants says:

    That line about the coffee had be laughing a good while.

  12. I am curious who is the girl →_→

  13. OneCoolDude08 says:

    no chance to win it, not watching!

  14. I am about to do a level and i have a fairly good job but after studying i
    like to relieve my stress with some new games and i would like to share
    that experience soo please let me have that phone

  15. Haha… One for your wife, one for your mistress… lol. That can be useful
    (for some people, I mean) ^__^;

  16. kevin jacob says:

    Xiaomi had launched mi3 and red rice in the Philippines a few months ago!
    But they raised the price a little bit

  17. perthbiker says:


  18. all_blue says:

    Winston likes to change the pornography as wallpapers deep in his heart..

  19. Nick Newey says:

    Sweet phone would love to have it!

  20. Danté G 丹特 says:

    Looks like a nice phone~ All the best, everyone! 祝大家好运~

  21. Dylan Murphy says:

    It isn’t a fair comparison unless you close out all of the applications on
    both phones, it looked like your Galaxy Nexus was running a bunch of things
    in the background which often times slows it down.

  22. Chen Unillager says:

    sorry to say, but i think you taste has taken a dive.

  23. arccster says:

    Looks a bit like Nokia Lumia

  24. Royston M says:

    I’d like one but i’m going back to work in Beijing soon anyway 😀 haha

  25. MrLatte27 says:

    good stuff looks like a decent phone for the price very impressed!