Sony Xperia M Smartphone Review

Sony Xperia M Smartphone Review


  1. Kanhaiya Bheergoonath says:

    I can’t open the back cover. :/

  2. FubarMike says:

    Are the models sold in the US and canada the same exact model or are there
    us and canada variants? I haven’t bought one yet but I might soon as they
    are cheap. I want to use it both on us and canada carriers.

  3. Justin England says:

    *Lock key – not lick key, lol sorry

  4. Hannah Clarke says:

    I have the white one im useing it to type this comment 

  5. That’s bad….

  6. Bouamama Abou tasnim says:

    what is your name bro*

  7. Nelson Yonk says:

    this is the nice one

  8. Santhosh Reddy says:

    Thanks for letting us know about this mobile :)

  9. Justin England says:

    The camera is rubbish and the front camera is almost unused able in low
    light. The phones lick key is in a really odd place and gets in the way
    when you hold the phone. Over than that is is really good. 

  10. i will take it for christmas 2013

  11. AdamAus85 says:

    Nice enough phone. I dropped my Z10 today and I fly to India tomorrow, so
    needed a quick replacement. I used to buy Sony all the time back in the
    Sony Ericsson days, nice to be back. Nice looking phone and good hardware.

  12. Aditya Bhatt says:

    Nice review !! Is this the max brightness level ?

  13. ortoni099 says:

    Yeah, even 1080p videos play nicely.

  14. Gilberto Izaguirre says:

    Do you guys know how to play a video on this phone? I have some problems
    trying to watch movies or videos, it only allows me to play mp4 vids.

  15. Nikola Boqdjiev says:

    How does this compare to the HTC Desire 500?

  16. Jissin Jose says:


  17. Magesh Kumaar says:

    It can play 720p videos without any problem right !? 🙂