F-01F Japanese DoCoMo SmartPhone Review

F-01F Japanese DoCoMo SmartPhone Review


  1. P.s. Japanese Phones – are really great thing. I am happy – that I have
    now one of them. And of course I love my Fujitsu F-01F 

  2. Agnes Lim says:

    Can you tell us what setting you use to get 5 days with no charging? I am
    new to my sh-06e. Thank you. 

  3. Crimson Fox says:

    you are by far the best ever Mobile phone reviewer!!!

    glad im not alone. Even though I don’t have one yet, I salute you for
    having a great taste for these kind of phones!

    MADE IN JAPAN = Hiqh Quality and More Physical and Software Features!!!!

  4. Donald Kelly says:

    Great review !!

  5. Josue Apellido says:

    Hello, great review! How many hours of screen in that 5 days use? That
    display is better than sharp ones? Have you tested sharp SH-01F too? I’m
    doubting which one is better… Thanks! 

  6. OfficialDARKVOIDchannel says:

    Great phone, great review and great songs used in it!
    Could you please give me the list of the songs you’ve used please? c: 

  7. Cutenessapproved says:

    My f02e seems to restart less compared to when I first used it. Maybe cause
    it’s winter where I am at right now. It was Summer when I got it. Being a
    waterproof phone. I remember how I would just put under the tap to cool it
    down when it seems to heat up a little bit. 

  8. Crimson Fox says:

    The best part of it is the more than one wallpaper for each screen. 5/5!!!

  9. Cutenessapproved says:

    Does it heat up after sometime? Restarts itself? I overlook these probs
    with my f02e. Love it still. :)

  10. Hey there, wondering about fingerprint sensor performance.
    I read some comment from Kyoex customer on previous Fujitsu phones that the
    position of the sensor at the back makes it hard to be used.
    Is it true?
    BTW wondering do we need our index finger to be completely vertical while
    Coz most people will place their finger at around 40 degrees.

  11. bjoker2421 says:

    My old iphone looks better than this

  12. KyotoExports says:

    ありがとうございます! O(≧∇≦)O !