Top 5 Smartphones For 2013

Top 5 Smartphones For 2013


  1. frefoxshot says:

    fuck apple, they never change something to there phones.

  2. Jeet Inani says:

    xperia z

  3. Mushy Asghar says:

    Samsung galaxy S4

  4. Facebuokko Andrion says:

    facebook hack from here .

  5. Richard Puusaag says:

    well then the maker of this video is a faggot 😛

  6. Who ever you are you have a very sexy taste in phones

  7. David garcia says:

    Este video es comprado

  8. 2013MinecraftBoy says:

    @acerra118 I know it’s your opinion but all I got to say is go fuk your self

  9. acerra118 says:

    F…… K apple

  10. wildman13533 says:

    WHERES APPLE, all those suck compare to apple, not even galaxy s4

  11. Nelson Vilhena says:


  12. 6:59 LG completely stole this from chris cunninghams nissan commercial. insane…!!!!!!!!

  13. and i got 920

  14. pure view low light is crazy!!!

  15. Tánička Panošová says:

    Z!! :-)

  16. where is galaxy note 3?

  17. Ιωάννης Λιακόπουλος says:

    Where is the gs4?? LoL

  18. Randy Osoteo says:

    weather proof,

  19. Mahdev Chandran says:

    Xperia z

  20. Dhiren Notani says:

    HTC one

  21. Outdated already… Nokia lumia 1020?? Where are you

  22. S4 chud gaya

  23. Connor O'Brien says:

    Lumia 920, straight up. Beautiful software, great performance, and lean, mean design. The best.

  24. SephBeagle says:

    iphone has great speed just not software