Moto X Unboxing

Moto X Unboxing


  1. Abhinav Meda says:

    The moto x is such a beast. I turned my nexus 4 into one because of that

  2. Raynard Taylor says:

    Sike. Moto x

  3. Raynard Taylor says:


  4. ILOVECHEESE0012 says:

    this or 5s?

  5. does it comes with earphones or not?

  6. chrismay74 says:

    Will this receive android is updates in the coming years?

  7. Khauan Pazello Andretta says:

    looks like s3/s4

  8. avinashchaware1 says:

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  9. Brandon Pocsics says:

    I want to get it for republic wireless

  10. Maxime Caudebec says:

    why are the sensors so big!

  11. Hunter Petit says:

    I’m getting the Moto X with Republic Wireless.

  12. matthew turner says:


  13. oohgoditsbees says:

    I got my Moto X today in the mail. 🙂

  14. coolapple14 says:

    I’m getting one is November.

  15. coolapple14 says:

    THey don’t come with earphones..

  16. Where are the earphones

  17. DudaChamp says:

    Such a beautiful device. Can’t wait to pick mine up soon.

  18. GrindCoreLou says:

    Just a perfect phone IMO

  19. GrindCoreLou says:

    That design *O*

  20. laveeshsharma says:

    I mean thank you buddy for making this point! People are just so freaking obsessed with specs as if phone is the end all and be all of their existence. Motorola had balls to change the game, just look at APPLE they are so copying Motorola. I want this MotoX in Asia right away

  21. Saima Shoaib says:

    Is it going to be avaliable for asian markets? Say Thailand

  22. iAMe100XP says:

    Awesome Reviewer, Awesome Phone.

  23. Ryan Klonis says:

    Texas forever, i live in dallas though

  24. one paw

  25. Kacper Kryk says:

    No :).