Sony Xperia ion 4G smartphone review

Sony Xperia ion 4G smartphone review


  1. 12rollercoasterfreak says:

    Now it’s only $50 🙂 This phone has a kind of bad reputation because people say it sucks without even using it because the processor is a millisecond slower… So stupid.

  2. Justin Kesner says:

    Lol his name is Dan Daniel.

  3. AzumaRikimaru says:

    Listen, don’t buy from AT&T, If you have a SOny store, go there. They will sell you the phone for 49.99!

  4. tyetus1010 says:

    Why Sony can’t make their own chip? If Samsung can, why can’t they?

  5. Dave Holland says:

    It seems like a really nice phone, but the snapdragon s3 has been out, I already have a phone with it. I like the HDMI out, dont lose that. The fast shutter 12mp is a step forward, also keep leading the pack with that. The Galaxy S3 still sells me on its more unique features like the motion and eye tracking. I am looking for the next step and in the US it brings the new Cortex A15 processor. The Xperia Ion is no slouch in phones but I feel the need for cutting edge.

  6. Truestarx23 says:

    lol what? this video was about the camera ability for the phone and that is what i was commenting on, but if you want to go past that and talk about the phone as a whole it still doesnt compare to the One X or GS3.

  7. You just based competition of phones, solely off of which can take faster pictures? SMH..

  8. Rishabh Somani says:

    watch from 5:27 to 5:53 Can HTC or Samsung do that? THEN STOP CALLING THEM THE BEST SMARTPHONES! WAY TO GO SONY!!

  9. annGlee024 says:

    whatever!! i love sony ericsson! wanna have that one too! 😀

  10. javier36c says:

    that guy is really fat.

  11. Irepdawestcoast says:

    Basically its the fastest data speeds available right now.

  12. Truestarx23 says:

    The samsung galaxy s3 takes faster photos same with the htc one x…i love sony but this phone cant compete with those 2.

  13. illuminOpt1cs says:

    Just announced at $99.99 for At&t! Wooo!

  14. enragedmilkable says:

    Holy shit 12 megapuixel

  15. theunboxers1 says:

    what does it mean LTE phone?

  16. genestarwindjf80 says:

    yes but have expandable memory. This is going to be my next phone

  17. TELEVISIBLE says:

    is the battery built-in?

  18. omg this phone is amazing

  19. Livestrong0108 says:

    How is i phone better thats like being stuck with a naggy girlfriend. And this one is your dream.

  20. jurgennyatsi says:

    Keep it up Sony u rock. Getting that phone

  21. harrypotterfancemm says:


  22. Who would consider this a console? Competition to PS3? Nope

  23. SCMusic15 says:

    You remind me of Howard Jones from Killswitch Engage, lol.

  24. slayer3slipknot says:


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